My name is Casie (KC) and I am 22

I always believed in the paranormal. When I was younger I would download ghost hunting apps and pretended to be a ghost hunter with my little sister. I started watching ghost adventures when I was younger and then my favorite youtubers Sam and Colby started ghost hunting. One day I decided my sister and I could totally do this, so I went on a shopping spree for paranormal equipment. We started our own YouTube channel and hope to see it grow. 

A little about me...

I went to school for aesthetics and work in the spa field doing facials.  After work I enjoy going home and playing my piano and singing. I'm a big fan of Taylor Swift and love to listen to her music on the daily (I even met her in 2019!!!). I love watching Marvel Movies, Harry Potter and going to the movies! I enjoy creating things like our YouTube videos. And of course I enjoy ghost hunting and talking to the paranormal. 

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My name is Lorelei (Lor-ah-lie) and I am 18

Ever since I was little, I always felt the people in the room that no one else could feel. I quickly realized that I could sense the paranormal. I always took an interest in talking to the "other side" whether it was simply asking questions to them or acknowledging that they were in the room with me. I was watching tv one day when Ghost Adventures came on and I quickly took a liking to the show and the activities they did. Watching Sam and Colby also showed me that ghost hunting could be possible for my sister and I. Our YouTube channel is a way for my sister and I to share our experiences with everyone!

A little about me...

I am currently a Junior in High school, and I play Volleyball and Lacrosse. I am an advocate for the environment and spend my free time helping those in need. I am an Alumni for a non-profit organization called Project 351. I enjoy watching Marvel movies, Stranger Things and love Taylor Swift and Selena Quintanilla. Lastly, I love communicating with the unknown ;)

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